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The Daily League – Lulu, Ryze, Graves, Miss Fortune (Ep. 12)

Probably at least one ranged AD match, maybe another Amumu game, and possibly another unusual pick. Check out to learn about my complete League of Legends book! This show is live Monday-Friday starting at 3 PM Pacific, right here on YouTube. There’s no set end time, but Tuesdays & Thursdays will be shorter. WHAT I PLAY Generally speaking, I am strongest at the Ranged AD Carry role, and am pretty good at jungling. I can competently play each other role, but they are not my preference. AP Caster is my weakest role and the role you are least likely to see me play. My favorite champions are Olaf, Sivir and Urgot. I do consider fan requests in regards to who I play. However, keep in mind that I play this game to relax and enjoy myself, so I’ll always consider my own preference. If I’m playing a champion I’m unfamiliar or out of practice with, understand that my performance will be significantly below where it would be with practice. FAN INTERACTION I make an effort to check out what people are saying both on YouTube and in the in-game chatroom. However, I can get distracted if I’m focused in a match, and I will occasionally not see a comment. I play League of Legends with subscribers all the time. To join one of these, make an account on the North American servers. Once you’re in the NA client, join the chatroom (bottom right of the client, middle button) named ‘Ciderhelm.’ I will announce on stream that I’m inviting subscribers and then will enter a