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Wattanaan Ton Door

The story is about three friends Jagjit, Dharam and Sukhbir. Where Dharam to get his sister married and to pay off the heavy debts decides to go to Germany and earn a handsome amount. The other side Jagjit and Sukhbir also accompanies him for earning money in Germany. Unfortunately their Visa was up till Poland, and they have to decide an illegal way to go till Germany by going through ample amount of hurdles. Their they meet Daler, driver who supports and guides them by giving shelter and helping them to get a suitable job. But the three of them deeply regrets their decision of re-locating to Germany when Dharam has to sign for a second marriage just to earn money and jagjit on the othjer side misses his family people. Manjeet who deeply loved Sukhbir commits suicide when her parents forced her to get married to another boy. The other side when Sukhbir wanted to go back to India to save her beloved, his uncle tricks him so that he wont go back to India and should help him in his work, due to this Sukhbir dies. Nancy the second wife of Dharam, falls in love with him and helps him go back to India to see his new born son and to live with his parents forever. Watch out the movie to know will Dharam be able to reach back to India? Will Jagjit get married to his beloved Dimple?
Video Rating: 3 / 5